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Koi & Pond Tip of the Day
April 21st, 2014
An effective, and humane, method of warding off raccoons is to use Red Fox Urine near your pond.  This will keep away raccoons far more effectively than sprinklers or electric fences.
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Matala GeyserFlow Water Pumps

Matala GeyserFlow Water Pumps

Matala Submersible Vertical Water Pumps


  • To irrigate or discharge water from farmland or ponds.
  • For use at relay pumping stations or manhole to relay raw water.
  • For livestock production facilities, to discharge sewage.
  • For use to discharge rainwater.
  • Waterfall, fountain, and garden spraying.
  • Sump pit, and washed water handling.

Max Flow
5’ Head10’ Head15’Head20”HeadMax Head
GeyserFlo2300 1/4 3.3 1.25” 2320 2205 1828 1246 388 25.0 ft
GeyserFlo3500 1/3 4.4 1.5” 3470 3330 2855 2119 1119 28.7 ft
GeyserFlo4200 1/2 5.1 2” 4200 4051 3544 2825 1857 30.1 ft
GeyserFlo4900 3/4 7.5 2” 4890 4831 4483 3949 3127 34.5 ft
GeyserFlo6300 1.0 7.6 2" 6290 6093 5918 5132 4199 37.7 ft

Item # Description
G-2300GeyserFlo 2300 1/4 HP 200W Vertical 1.25-in. Outet 2320 gphLocate a Dealer
G-3500GeyserFlo 3500 1/3 HP 250W Vertical 1.5-in. Outet 3470 gphLocate a Dealer
G-4200GeyserFlo 4200 1/2 HP 400W Vertical 2-in. Outet 4200 gphLocate a Dealer
G-4900GeyserFlo 4900 3/4 HP 600W Vertical 2-in. Outet 4890 gphLocate a Dealer

GeyserFlow Pumps Dimensions and Curves

Please click here for a PDF table for dimensions,weights and flow curves for the GeyserFlow Pumps  PDF File for GeyserFlow Pumps Dimensions and Curves

GeyserFlow Instruction Manual

You can download the instruction manual here.  PDF File for GeyserFlow Instruction Manual

GeyserFlow Oil Maintenance Instructions

Performing oil changes to your GeyserFlow will help keep it running smoothly and efficiently.  PDF File for GeyserFlow Oil Maintenance Instructions

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