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Hakko Air Pumps Diaphragm Kits & Magnets

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Hakko Diaphragm Kits

Hakko Diaphragm Kits

Our rebuild diaphragm kits are simple to install. Refer to our trouble shooting section for directions on proper replacement procedure.

Tools you will need:

- 1 medium phillips screwdriver

- 1 small phillips screwdriver

- 1 medium pair of pliers

Note: If your diaphragms are blowing out frequently, you most likely have an excess back pressure problem in your design. Check that your air delivery tube is large diameter and no kinking is occuring. Check your air diffusers for clogging. Ceramic style air stones need cleaning with muriatic acid every 3 months typically. Check that the number of air diffusers is sufficient to handle the air output of your Hakko pump. Too few diffusers will create excess back pressure. Read the article titled "Heat Control for Air Pumps"

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Item # Description
HD25HK-D 25 Diaphragm Set (2 pc)Locate a Dealer
HD40HK-D 40 Diaphragm Set (2 pc)Locate a Dealer
HD6080HK-D 60/80 Diaphragm Set (2 pc)Locate a Dealer
HD120HK-D 100/120 Diaphragm Set (2 pc)Locate a Dealer

Hakko Replacement Magnets

Hakko Replacement Magnets

The magnet is the part that moves back and forth with the diaphragm. It holds the diaphragm secure and vice a versa. Typically the magnet is very long lasting.

However if you run the air pump with bad diaphragms for extended periods you could wear down the magnet. If you open the motor for repair and you find dust or small metal particles you may need to replace the magnet. Always inspect the magnet for wear and tear when you replace your diaphragms. They are very easy to replace. Call us if you need help.

Item # Description
HM25HK-M 25 Magnet Set (1 pc)Locate a Dealer
HM40HK-M 40 Magnet Set (1 pc)Locate a Dealer
HM6080HK-M 60/80 Magnet Set (1 pc)Locate a Dealer
HM120HK-M 100/120 Magnet Set (1 pc)Locate a Dealer

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