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Koi & Pond Tip of the Day
August 30th, 2016
If your pond's surface is frozen over, Do Not break the ice, doing so could harm your fish. Instead, use warm water to melt a hole in the ice or use a pond Deicers to keep a hole open.
Tips by » Koi Clubs USA

Foam Sleeve

The protective foam sleeve is placed around the internal float cage. It prevents large debris from entering the motor. If the foam sleeve becomes clogged you can simply wash with a garden hose. If the foam is torn please order from here.

The foam sleeve is not covered under the Limited Warranty.

Vacuum FLOAT w/ Magnet

The Vacuum Float slides up and down inside the internal cage which is attached to the bottom of the Vacuum motor. As the water level rises in the vacuum tank the float will rise and the magnet at the top of the float will shut off the motor and activate the 20 seconds shut off cycle. If your vacuum seems to be malfunctioning try this test. Remove the vacuum motor head from the tank. Hold upright. Turn on the motor and let run for 15 secconds. Use your finger and push the vacuum float up the cage until it reaches the top. The magnet at the top of the float should turn off the motor and activate the 20 seconds drain out cycle. Let the float drop once the motor has turned off. After 20 seconds the motor should turn back on automatically. This tests the timer cycle. If this test does not give correct results call us. The float may be missing the magnet or is not sliding easily up and down the cage. If the magnet is missing you may order a float from this site. If the magnet is intact inside the float then you may have another problem. Call us for help.

The Vacuum float with magnet is covered under your 2 year warranty. Please call if you need help. 949-273-8888.

Vacuum O-Ring Seal

The O-ring seal attaches to the top of the vacuum body. It creates an air tight seal to maintain proper suction power. Older style vacuums have a seal which pushes up into the vacuum motor housing. They tend to fall out easily with age. The older seals should be replaced with the new style seal.

The Vacuum O-Ring Seal is not covered under the Limited Warranty.

Vacuum Suction Hose

The Vacuum Suction Hose thread connects to the vacuum body. The handle end has a yellow ring and an air bleeder hole. Normal vacuuming should have the yellow ring in open position so as to slow down vacuum suction rate. If you need stronger suction then just place your finger over the hole in order to suck up heavier items like small pea gravel or big leaves. Check that all your connections are snug in order to prevent air leaks and loss of power.

The Vacuum Suction Hose is not covered under the Limited Warranty.

Vacuum Drain Hose w/ Flapper

The Vacuum Drain Hose connects to the bottom of the Pond Vacuum body. We have two styles. Older versions simply push or compress into the drain outlet on body. Newer styles have a threaded connection which screws into the drain outlet on body. At the far end of the drain hose is a one way flapper valve. This flapper valve is very important to the proper function of the vacuum. Test the flapper valve with your finger. Make sure nothing is blocking the flapper. The flapper should have a good seal against the outlet hose. If the flapper is missing or stuck open the the vacuum will not have any suction power. If the flapper is stuck shut then the tank cannot drain out the dirty water on drain cycle. For proper drain out please position the end of drain out hose as far down hill as possible so water can drain by gravity out of the vacuum body during drain cycle.

The Vacuum Drain Hose is not covered under the Limited Warranty.

Vacuum Clamp

The Vacuum Clamp connects the body to the vacuum motor head. They are easy to replace should one break.

The Vacuum body has 4 clamps. You may purchase them separately.

Vacuum Clamps are not covered under the Limited Warranty.

Extension Tubes

The extension tubes are part of the intake pipe. The Pond Vac II comes with a set of 5 extension tubes. Each tube section is 15 inches long. The tubes interlock. You may add additional tubes if necessary.

Extension Tubes are not covered under the Limited Warranty.

Vacuum Debris Collection Bag

The Debris Collection Bag attaches to the end of the drain out hose. This bags purpose is only to collect leaves or debris so it will be more convenient for you to clean up after you are done vacuuming the pond. It is not a filter bag. Do not return your dirty water through this bag to the pond. This bag is only an option and is not necessary for proper function of the vaccum.

The Vacuum Debris Bag is not covered under the Limited Warranty.

Pond Vacuum II Parts LIst

This is a parts list for the Matala Ponc vacuum II. If you need help finding something please contact us at or call us at 949-273-8888.

  PDF File for Pond Vacuum II Parts LIst

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